In nature, everything takes place in cycles. Every day, month and year energy is in a precisely determined part of the body, and the diseases of this organ are mostly shown exactly in this time. We all have our own health matrix. It contains the records of our ancestors and a record of nature from the exact moment we were born.

On the basis of the health matrix, for each individual, on the basis of his birth date, we can calculate what his health predispositions in individual periods of life are and what are his weaker organs.

We find out where there are unwanted changes in the bloodstream – narrowed arteries or enlarged veins, which impairs the functioning of each organ and blood circulation in it. There are consequently several inflammation there. With an emotional response we influence our organs. It is therefore important to establish the proper functioning of the whole body.

When we know what our weak organs are, we can strengthen them and the body becomes stronger as whole and healthier. If, for example, our weakest organ is the liver, in July, when the energy is located in them, we perform cleansing of the liver and thus gain on energy and comprehensive health. We all have certain predispositions about health, but we can successfully solve them with a balanced lifestyle, movement, breathing, eating, drinking water, fresh juices, acupressure, etc. in order to prevent major health problems

Where are the greatest benefits of a health matrix and a state of awareness regarding our health:

  • easier and faster diagnosis
  • we dedicate ourselves to preventing ourselves, getting to know ourselves, getting more in touch with our bodies
  • self-medication and providing the body with what it needs.
  • the most important is the awareness of health: to be aware of what is happening in relation to it and to know that we can do our best for our own health.