An anti-stress massage for the soul works relaxing on our whole being. When we squeeze out of our negativity, emotional pain and sadness, we can fill ourselves with positivity and joy. It feels like we were born again. We achieve a peace of mind that beautifies us so that we shine. It gives us new strength and knowledge to make it easier for us to continue our lives. Massage for the soul is at the same time a therapy and a course. Once you learn it, you can continue to do it yourself at home. Repeated as long as points are no longer painful. This is different for each individual, depending on how much stress has accumulated in us. When performing a massage, it is also important that we breathe deeply.

A soul massage helps us to be what we are in fact – an immortal soul, with the presence of God’s energy and consciousness. This brings us to a new awareness and a view of life.

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